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A Spider, Some Thread and a Labyrinth Walk, $15
(Available in Kindle and Paperback):

Stories that Surround the Labyrinth, Peace, and Solitude (good for all ages)

  • A Spider, Some Thread, and a Labyrinth Walk (Grace Makes Connection Between a Spider, Some Thread, and a Labyrinth Walk)
  • The Children’s Monastery (Rev. Silby Told the Children about the Monastery Where He Stayed on Sabatical, the Children Wanted to Recreate It)
  • Grandmother Spider (Native American Story Explaining the Earth, Its Creatures, and Humanity)
  • The Peace Quilt (Living Peacefully/Intentional Peace)
  • Spin, Spin, Spin, and the Thread Flows! (Greek Myth of the Weaving Contest Retold Arachne and Athena Face Off When Arachne Boasts Her Pattern Are Hers Alone and Not from the Goddess Athena)
  • Silence Is More than Just Not Speaking (Zander, an Active Boy, Learns to Respect His Grandmother’s Silent Morning and Tai Chi)
  • Ariadne’s Thread (The Story of How the Minotaur and the Labyrinth Came about)
  • Sophia’s Many Colored Coat (Sophia, the Shape-Shifting Goddess, Wears Many Coats and Roles)
  • Bramble of Pincup Springs (An Easter Story/When a Spider Can Talk To Humans)
  • Peace Begins with Me (Learning that to Have a Peaceful World Means that Everyone Has to Understand that “Peace Begins with Me”)
  • The Star Keeper (Beauty Cannot Be Kept in a Box, It Should Be Let Out to Shine)
  • Mrs. Korovski’s Magical Butterfly Garden (Weird Turns Magical at Mrs. Korovski’s Garden)
  • Eileen of Skellig Bog (An Adventurous Short Story about Eileen and Her Quest – very Gaelic)

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I Hate My Best Friend $15 (.pdf file only)

Value Stories Include:

  • Roger and George Agree to Disagree (Conflict Resolution)
  • Mary Lou Charleston Learns that Change Is All there Is (Life Is Full of Change)
  • Jonathan Learns about Do-Overs!(Ethics and Fair Play)
  • I Hate My Best Friend (Friendship)
  • Olivia Marchbanks Neel (Appreciation)
  • The Rescue Dog (Love)
  • The Star Keeper (Selfish vs Generous)
  • The Very Ugly Duckling (Loving Each Other for Who They Are/Diversity)
  • Tim Stands Up for Justice (Standing Up for What Is True and Right)
  • Jack Learns about Responsibility (Being Responsible and Being Accountable)
  • Caroline Parker Learned How to Make Community Soup (Sharing and Caring)
  • Fizzer (Respect All People/Be Kindand Fair)
  • Seeds for Pumpkin (Rituals and Respecting the Earth)

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Momma Dee Stories $15 (.pdf file only)

Momma Dee’s Stories is a collection of children’s stories that illustrate the 7 UU Principles and Purposes. There are 22 stories in this collection.

  • Momma Dee
    (each being is important)
  • Roach Poachers
    (each being is important)
  • Blue Moon
    (everyone should be treated fairly and kindly)
  • Honest Kodo
    (accept one another and keep on learning together)
  • Sparkles Asks Momma Dee About Searching for Truth and Meaning
    (free to search for what is true and right in our own lives)
  • Fosco Wicksby Speaks Out
    (have equal vote in all things that concern us)
  • Desperado’s Limits
    (work for peaceful, fair and free world)
  • Leo
    (part of the interdependent web of life
  • Brazos Dances
    (each being is important)
  • Raymoe
    (everyone should be treated fairly and kindly)
  • Fosco Wicksby
    (accept one another and keep on learning together)
  • Dorgon and Dorma
    (free to search for what is true and right in our own lives)
  • Dani Learns About Laws
    (have equal vote in all things that concern us)
  • Princess Buterkuhup’s Quest
    (work for a peaceful, fair and free world)
  • Bramble of Pincup Springs
    (part of the interdependent web of life)
  • Alex Spitzer Dances
    (each being is important)
  • Gramma, Why Is My Daddy In Jail?
    (everyone should be treated fairly and kindly)
  • I’m from a Simple Family
    (accept one another and keep on learning together)
  • Ardith’s Holy Place
    (free to search for what is true and right in our own lives)
  • Nicolas for Growth
    (have equal vote in all things that concern us)
  • The Grownup Who Forgot How to Play
    (work for peaceful, fair and free world)
  • Rev. Punk and Her Hippo Band
    (part of the interdependent web of life)

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Stories from Under the Wisdom Tree $15 (.pdf file only)

Stories from Under the Wisdom Tree is a collection of stories from the curriculum, Under the Wisdom Tree, which teaches values.

  • Grandmother and the Wisdom Plant (from African and African American Folk Tales – How the Slaves Flew to Escape the Master.)
  • The Flaming UU Chalice (Story of How the Flaming Chalice Came to Be the UUA Logo)
  • Adam and Lilith: A Long Forgotten Story of Creation (Adam’s First Wife)
  • Moses and the Bulrushes (Bible Story of Baby Moses in the Bulrushes to Save His Life)
  • Moses and the Burning Bush (Bible Story of God Talking to Moses)
  • A Story About Three Unitarians Who Used Their Conscience          (William Ellery Channing, Dorothea Dix, and Elliot Richardson, All Used their Consciences to Tell them What Was Right)
  • Brazos Dances (Brazos Is a Boy Who Dances and Gets Called a Name)
  • La Hormiguita: a play (Progressive Play that Teaches Taking Responsibility for Your Own Actions)
  • Molly Whuppie (Folk Tale about Molly and Her Two Sisters and a Giant that Molly Had to Trick)
  • The Secret Tree (Folk Tale about Keeping Secrets)
  • Selkie: The Sealskin Woman (Folk Tale about a Seal Who Lost Her Sealskin While Sunning Herself on a Rock, which Meant She Had to Go with the Man and Could Not Return to Her Seal Self Without Her Seal Skin)
  • Noah and the Ark (Bible Story about Noah Building a Ark and Filling It with Two of Every Species of Animal Before God Created a Great Flood)
  • Who Do Men Say I Am? (This Is Story about Jesus and John the Baptist)
  • The Calabash Children (Folk Tale: A Woman Could Have No Children, Then One Day Her Prayers to the Great Mountain Were Answered and Her Calabash Turned To Children)
  • The Red Shoes (Folk Tale about a Poor Girl Taken in by a Rich Woman Who Bought Her a Pair of Shoes, Red Shoes that Caused a Lot of Trouble)
  • 12 Brothers (Folk Tale about Rose-in-the-Snow and How a Witch turned her 12 Brothers into Doves and How She Saved them from the Spell)
  • The Ordinary Rock (Raymoe Is An Ordinary Fortune Teller with an Ordinary Fortune Telling Rock)
  • Sally Can’t Go (Sally Was Caught Black in 1961 and Couldn’t Go on the End of the School Party, Because the Swimming Pool Was a “White” Pool Only)
  • The Mustard Seed (How a Tiny Seed Can Grow into a Huge Tree Helps a Young Girl Get a Tiny Bit of Confidence that Grew)
  • Jonah and the Whale (Bible Story of Jonah Disobeying God and Refusing to Do the Task He Was Asked to Do)
  • Under the Wisdom Trees (A Druid Tale of Wisdom from the Trees and a Simple Man Named Gilla Who Found Their Knowledge)
  • Mother Earth and Father Sky (Folk Tale about Gaia, Mother Earth, and Uranus, Father Sky, and How Their Unruly Children Are Mucking Up Their Siblings)
  • The Good Samaritan (Bible Story Meets UU Principles in this Story)
  • Sophia’s Many Colored Coat (Sophia, the Shape-Shifting Goddess, Wears Many Coats and Roles)
  • Anansi Gets the Stories (African Folk Tale – Anansi, a Tiny Spider, Steals the King of Heaven or the Sky God’s Stories)
  • The Apprentice and the Mentor (A Healer and Her Apprentice Meets the Frog Prince)
  • I’m From a Simple Family (A Girl Tells Her Story of Living in a Simple Family)
  • Wolf Bones (Native American Story about La Loba, the Wolf, and the Old Woman/Man Who Sings the Flesh Back on the Wolf)
  • Alex Spitzer Dances  (Alex Spitzer Got His Dance Degree While Sitting in a Wheel Chair, but that Doesn’t Make Him Any Less of a Dancer)
  • When My Family Lived Under the Sea (The Enchanted Folks Lived Under the Sea to Escape the Floods and Mary Molly Became the Most Beautiful Mermaid. She Only Wanted to Be Human.)
  • Roach Poachers (A Roach Becomes Friends with the Humans at the UU Church)
  • Jessa Ying Comes from China (An Adoption Story)
  • Pandora (Greek Folk Tale about Pandora a Beautiful But Curious Woman Who
  • Opens a Lid to See What Was Inside: Miseries)
  • The Pookah (An Irish Folktale about a Halloween Event Where an Irishman Is Abducted to Entertain with Music for the Evening)
  • The Tree that Grows Hair (Thanksgiving: African Folk Tale about a Vain Princess and Her Hair)
  • Anna’s Gift (Christmas Story – Giving Generously from Your Soul)
  • Babushka (Russian Christmas Story about Babushka, the Grandmother, Who Searches for the Christ Child in Every Nursery Leaving Tiny Gifts)
  • Nativity (play) (Bible Story about Jesus’ Birth)
  • The Dragon’s Wish (New Years’ Chinese Folk Tale – Meeting the Dragon and Learning to Be Fierce)
  • The Tree Spirit and the Maiden (An Indian Folk Maiden Falls in Love with a Tree Spirit)
  • The Leprechaun’s Gold (St. Patrick’s Day Irish Folk Tale about Leprechaun’s and Their Gold)
  • The Eostre Turtle (An Easter Story about the Spring Goddess, Eostre, and Her Beautiful Decorated Eggs from the Tortoise/Turtle)
  • The First Mother’s Day(Julia Ward Howe Had Worked Hard to Abolish Slavery and After the Civil War so Many Sons Had Died and Julia Thought That Peace and a Day to Honor Mothers Went Together. Thus, the First Mother’s Day.)
  • My Father Swallowed the Goldfish (A Whimsical Father’s Day Story)
  • My Name is Freedom (July 4th Story about a Girl Named, July at a 4th of July Celebration about Freedom)

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The Fairies of Ferry Beach, $19.99 (also available on Kindle through

The Fairies of Ferry Beach is a collection of stories told, written, or set at Ferry Beach Park Association, a Unitarian Universalist Camp and Conference Center. The stories are for a variety of ages.

  • Church Seeds: A Quillen Shinn Story (This is an historic story about Quillen Shinn)
  • Once Upon a Penny Kingdom (Greed and Magic turn a Queen Compassionate)
  • Auntie Twit and the Texas Mosquitoes (A Cute and Silly Story about Giant Mosquitoes)
  • The Tattered Stole (A Story about Memories Held in a Tattered Stole)
  • The Fairies of Ferry Beach (A Story about the Banathalon and the Fairies Who Entered)
  • The Merfolk Dreams (A Bedtime Story for Ferry Beach)
  • Billy, the Whale (A Whale, Named Billy, Comes to Camp and Breaks the Rules)
  • Three Wise Unitarian Universalists (Rev. Don, Sophia, and Eric Find an Object on the Beach…What Is It?)
  • Who Is Quillen Shinn? (Quillen Shinn and the Buildings at Ferry Beach)
  • Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo (Three Young Adults and Gender Identity)
  • The Sand Fairies (Another Bedtime Story for Ferry Beach, Look for Sand Tracks)
  • Seeds for Pumpkin(A Coming of Age Story around Pumpkins)
  • Musca and the Chalice (Musca, the Fire-Breathing Dragon Came to Children’s Chapel to Talk About the Mystery that Some People Call God)

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When Panda Was a Boy: a Collection of Stories on Gender for K-8, $20

When Panda Was a Boy is a collection of stories on Gender Issues, such as Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Transsexual and Questioning. The stories are meant for K-8. Each story is clearly labeled for the appropriate age group. To get a FREE Parents’ Guide: 10 Tips for Parents on Talking about Gender Identity to Your Children, go to

These are the stories:

  • A Boy Named Sue (Intersex – Gr. 4 & 5)
  • Amara’s Birthday Request (Gender Questions – Gr. K-1)
  • Brazos Dances (Gay – Meaning – Gr. 3-6)
  • Charlie is a Girl (Trans – Gr. 5-8)
  • Drew and Lester (Gay – Gr. K-4)
  • Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Moe (Trans/Genderqueer – Gr. 6-8)
  • George Wants a Dress (Cross Dressing/Transgender/Transsexual – Gr.K-6)
  • I Want to Marry a Woman Just Like My Momma (Lesbian –Gr. K-4)
  • Just Call Me Steve (Gender Identity/Gender Bending – Gr. 3-6)
  • When Panda Was a Boy (Gender Identity/Gender Bending – Gr. K-2)

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Books with One Story

Lights for Luucy $20

Lights for Luucy is a book about Luucy, who like most 9 year olds, is curious about almost everything! As a Unitarian Universalist, however, she was feeling confused about what a Fall and Winter Celebration would be like for Unitarian Universalism (UU). She already knew that her church had a lot of celebrations from a lot of World Religions, but she wanted to find the “perfect” celebration for her!

She had a lot of friends that were of different religious and ethnic or cultural backgrounds. So, Luucy explored their celebrations. But while everyone was celebrating all the different holidays, Luucy was working on her own UU tradition.

LUUcy was proud of her own UU heritage!

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The Real Story of the Dumpty Family, $15 (also available on Kindle through

Humpty Dumpty May Have Fallen Off a Wall and Though the King, His Men, and His Horses Couldn’t Put Humpty Together, Never Fear, Mrs. Dumpty Is on the Job.

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The Most Magical, Awesome, Delicate Creature of All, $15

The Most Magical, Awesome, Delicate Creature of All by Connie Dunn is a children’s story and a new myth about how the butterfly came to be.

  • A story with a subtext of embracing diversity.
  • A story about appreciating the magical.
  • A story about how a tiny thing can bring such big hopes and delight.
  • A story about love.

Have you ever watched butterflies flitting from flower to flower? There is usually more than one butterfly. Even when they migrate, the go in groups. Women are naturally drawn to groups, which can help in all sorts of collaborative efforts. Our children see magic everywhere! Keep that going for as long as possible. Imagination and mystery should be part of their world. Play with them and be drawn back into their magical world!

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Zoe, $15 (also available on Kindle through

Zoe is a book about a Zebra puppet and how she was born at Brigham and Women’s Infusion Center. Zoe helps people who are afraid of having a needle put in their arm to get medicine that will likely help the patient get better. Zoe is such a helpful puppet that she helps the nurses and takes care of all the patients, as well.

Whether you are an adult or child who has to take IV therapy or Chemotherapy, Zoe is a book that brings a smile.

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Destiny Has Two Grandmas

Book 1: Why Do Things Change?

Book 2: I Got Pink Glasses

Book 3: Grandma Honey, I Turned into a Mermaid (Early Chapter Book) New Site with FREE Suff Here, order book at the following link:

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