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Also see FREE Products to take advantage of some useful free material to use in your program.
For All Books published by Connie Dunn in Paperback or Kindle or Both, go to

Follow the links to purchase the products. You get immediate access to most of the products. Those that are printed products will be noted and will take you to a site where you can pay. These materials are then shipped to you by the printer’s fulfillment center.

Materials for Adult Ed

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2 thoughts on “Products

  1. Scott Stewart

    I attempted to order the Colors of Life curricula via the “buy now” link above. It took me to an error message and I was unable to order. Please advise on how to go about ordering these materials.

    Scott Stewart

    1. cdunn Post author

      Hi Scott…
      I’m sorry that you experienced that I’ll check that out and let you know.

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