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Welcome to UUStoryteller


This Site is for Parents of Children, Churches, and Religious Educators (RE) Interested in a Different Perspective… 

“Are you searching for curriculum or stories based on Unitarian Universalist Principles, as well as, the UU Sources of Wisdom for your home or RE program?”

 How You Fill the Need Creatively While Staying Under Budget Makes You the Champion of Your RE Committee or with your spouse and child/children!

Our church budgets are often slim, yet your Religious Education Committee wants to have an interesting program filled with social justice, teachings that include our UU Principles or Promises, and that Promotes Diversity through exposure to our UU Sources. How do you keep your programs fresh and interesting, as well?

Parents, also, want to watch their budgets, but often need stories and/or curricula, especially those who are doing church at home!

Electronic Books and Curriculum offers you right-priced options, plus we also have some FREE OFFERINGS, CURICULA, STORY COLLECTIONS and BOOKS (some are paperback with a Kindle option!

ADULT CURRICULA and BOOKS are also available.

HANDMADE PUPPETS and PUPPET PLAYS are available. Puppet Ministry is