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New UU Orientation

NEW UU Course for Kids – 4 Sessions

Sheeppuzzle or Sheeppuzzle for Young Students . Print .pdf files on cardstock, cut apart. For young students, you might print it twice, once time leave as it is, so they have a reference of where to put the pieces. These make good activities for Spirit Play!

Science Meets Putting Faith into Action!

Vermicomposting or worm composting helps save our world by eliminating trash from the landfills, clogging up our water treatment facilities, and creating compost that’s good for your garden, house plants or other lawn plantings! This story is about the miraculous garbage eating worms called red worms. Download RobertRedworm story (Please note that this story is also in the collection of stories The Fool’s Hat (see story collections) or Spirit Play Version of RobertRedworm-SpiritPlay (makes a good Violet Promise story or our 7th Principal) and information about Vermicomposting!

Christmas Children’s Worship + 3 Activities: YouAreaMiracle:YouAreAStar. This Worship includes A Blinding Flash (an excerpt from The Kid’s Book of Awesome Stuff by Charlene Brotman); You Are a Miracle: You Are a Star interactive story, which requires a large pot, a large spoon and a large, fancy container of stardust (glitter); a meditation version of the nativity story, and two songs (from – Connie Barlow’s Silent Night for Winter Solstice and Birthday Stars. The three activities involve making a Christmas ornament, playing a game and making a comet.

Rainbow Principles Poster – Use this free .jpg to create posters for your RE Classes! Right Click on link below.

Rainbow Principles

FREE: Spirit Play Story for the Sanctuary – This is a good way to introduce the Spirit Play to your congregation. The The Storytelling Stole-SpiritPlay is a story about the paradigm shift that happens when people take on a role, such as being the storyteller. It speaks to the ordinary magic that happens when we take on the persona of the “Storyteller” or other roles when we wear costumes. It, hopefully, will help those adults who love stories and are afraid of speaking in a group. Check it out! Note: This is a modified Spirit Play story, because it is being done outside the classroom and in front of a large group. For more information about Spirit Play, click on this Spirit Play link.

Promisesrtf – Spirit Play Promises Poster – Use this free .rtf file to create 8 1/2 X 11 posters for your Spirit Play Classroms. For those of you who want the poster bigger, most Kinkos have a poster copier for 8 1/2 X 11 to Poster Page. The downfall is that it only prints in black and white. But it is only about $5 per poster…this is poster cardstock and you can usually choose from a variety of colors. For color copies enlarged, I suggest checking around to find the best price. This usually is more like $15 per poster or more.